If you are new to California, you’d surely need all the help finding local talent to scale your business.

Looking for and hiring technical staff is one of the most excruciating implications of setting up or growing a business. Does this sound like you thinking of technical recruitment last night? Welcome! You’ve come to just the right place.

Sourcing for the right talent and looking at their prospects individually cannot only be time-consuming but also confusin, especially for companies that are just starting.

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What Do We Do

Why worry about an interviewing and even paperwork when there’s an agency to completely help you with it? Service Giant is your most trusted staffing and recruitment agency, existing to help you get the right people to build your company with.

As an employer, you need to compete for the best talent in your region of base. The business requires a strategic and systematic hiring solution to make sure the candidates you require come to you. We are the partner of choice for employers in California, irrespective of the size or type of business involved.

However, we’re not all about helping businesses. We help the individuals out there too by helping them get service roles in businesses that are either just launching or trying to expand. So if you are a technician looking to be affiliated with a building contracting company, we will help find and place you right inside your dream job.

Likewise, if you want to become an employee in an upstart or growing office, Service Giant will help you find the right opportunity. Conversely, offices on the lookout for new employees can hire us to help them do the paperwork. We always come back with the opportunities and candidature.

Throughout our history, Service Giant has concentrated on supplying California’s technicians, skilled personnel, and service professionals for temporary and permanent positions. We work with contractors, home improvement experts, office owners, and SMEs (Small and Medium-scale Enterprises). We are highly experienced in the supply of huge workforces of more than 1,000 major projects.

We providing a complete range of staffing solutions as our responsibility because we want to help you address every need. From recruitment through to contingent management of the workforce as well as a consultancy we make sure to make it all seamless and worth your time. Service Giant tailored services mirror the excellence, expertise, and experience achieved in fulfilling our competence to make our clients satisfied.

Hiring Service Giant to manage some or all of your temporary / contingent staffing needs means that you will fill your vacant job roles more quickly, doing so with a wider choice – and quality of candidates. The way we do it, healthy workforces are built and the community continues to thrive.

Why Choose Us

Consider yourself the one-man army of Wall Street

A lot of work needs to go into getting the right candidate for every job available. So, welcome to Service Giant, the one place where the job opportunity or skilled services you are looking for can be found.

About Us

Several years back when we first started Service Giant, California was highly demanding for scarce talent. Due to the technological and systematic changes going on around the world, it has become harder to source local talent like locksmiths, deck builders, building contractors, and hardscaping specialists.

But getting skilled services for any aspect of commerce shouldn’t be as hard as that. You can save your business lots of time by working with Service Giant. Supposing you are a skilled expert yourself, it should be equally easy to work exactly where you want and earn what you must.

Service Giant is a local staffing agency that connects skilled people with opportunities in companies in California. We work in and around the city to find and link the best talent with the businesses or organizations that are looking for them. We make the process as easy as possible on both sides of the fence, ultimately helping skills and enterprises in California grow.

The businesses we work with are involved in the design, build, operation, maintenance, and bolstering of the production of goods as well as services. We source and connect talent for a variety of industry actors, including manufacturing, mining, power, home improvement, and real estate among others.

The services we offer and the capability we have under our belt are meant to address every phase of business activity from planning to design, engineering to construction, procurement to production and maintenance to decommissioning. Out there, there is a skill for every aspect of business and some people out there are blessed with it.

Service Giant supplies staff at all levels, from apprentice or trainee to C-suite staff.


It has never been easier to get an office job. My experience with Service Giant was so smooth and quick. Before I knew it, I was right where I wanted to be and right where I was most needed, all in one place. The on-boarding, equipping, and due diligence involved is commendable And, I must say I learned quite a lot during the process.

The team at Service Giant is really professional and friendly. It shows just how much they invest into staffing themselves. I seldom believed I would have the opportunity to work with a high-profile contractor in California. But this team was able to fix me just where I am supposed to be a part of a real office.

I still don’t know they did it, but I know they did it the right way. At first, I was doubtful, but Service Giant more than cleared my doubts. I was searching for a front desk officer for immediate hiring, and I was quite sure I was heading the wrong way with it. After coming across Service Giant, my eyes were opened to how much value they are offering. Good job, guys!

The best thing about all this is that I did not get to lift a finger. Suddenly, the talent I was looking for was sitting right in front of me. For me, it was the fastest recruitment process ever and it was amazing how effectively they put things together. I never had an idea recruiting skilled services would be this professional and straightforward.

I have been hiring talent for my construction companies from Service Giant in the last few years and they have never disappointed us one day. There is always a solution, and we end up getting exactly what we want. It’s almost like they manufacture talent at the back of their office or something because the process is really smooth.

Maybe I will switch companies but I will never switch any staffing agency with Service Giant. They have been helping me get the experience I need in the home improvement industry. With this opportunity, I am growing professionally and working where my services are most needed. One dream job after another, I just keep developing my skills.

Service Giant is a very professional team with a good panel of members who are dedicated to making your dreams come true. I had a very good experience with them. I'm happy to mention the names of those who helped me to achieve my goals including Joe, Roseline, Miller, and Daniel. I highly recommend this agency for anything staffing in California.

Thank you staff Giant for the help that I got from your service? I reached my first company safely and started my job here with help from this agency. So, I gladly introduce this agency to those who are looking to get jobs in California. Gideon, Mary, Ben, and Charity, special thanks to you guys for helping me through everything.

Frequently Asked Questions

When companies use a staffing agency, employees are technically employed by the agency. Because of this, benefits and paychecks are provided by the staffing agency. That means we will be the ones who give you your wages or salary as and when due.

You are paid at the market standards for services you have rendered. Staffing agencies offer competitive pay for employees and many provide insurance benefits as well. At our staffing agency, all the employees benefit from a weekly paycheck, often larger than their full-time counterparts.

The length of a temporary assignment is completely dependent on the employer and the job at hand. Typically, temporary positions last one to three months, before the job is completed or the employer chooses to bring the employee on full-time.

The moment a temporary position is completed, the employers involved may choose to hire an employee for the services another time, but full-time. If this you, you become a payment part of the company you temped at. The employee would then become an employee of the company, as opposed to an employee of the staffing agency.

Clients can expect to be contacted for consultation within 1 hour after requesting to be contacted online. Service Giant is more than capable of filling same-day requests as well as providing resumes.

We can also schedule interviews for positions that require more thorough screening processes. With our professionals on the job, we assure you that every candidate presented will be pre-qualified with regard to experience, skill-sets, and availability. You really have nothing to worry about when you allow us to handle things for you.

The thought of changing providers can be confusing and the task itself is often laborious. Be as that may, we are highly experienced in managing complete transitions with many referrals to prove it.

At Service Giant, we completely understand that everyone is depending on you for answers and better profit margins. Our team that consists of certified staffing professionals and recruiters will assist you with developing an effective exit plan that is ethical and won’t disrupt your operation. Before you know it, the deal is done.

The hustle is real because it has to be. Inasmuch as job-hunting will never cease to exist, there are easy ways to go about it. Looking for an opportunity via a reputable staffing agency is one way to go about it. Working with a staffing agency saves companies valuable time and money, ultimately helping them focus on more important tasks or projects. By outsourcing staffing, companies can focus on growing the business rather than interviewing and selecting hires. There is less risk involved when using a staffing agency because staffing agencies pre-screen employees and assure quality hires.

What are you waiting for?

Supposing you are a skilled expert yourself, it should be equally easy to work exactly where you want and earn what you must.

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Looking for a window dressing expert, a home improvement professional, a reputable building contractor, an experienced office manager, or a well-versed secretary, Service Giant is the one place you can find them.

Also, we can help you out if you have the skills and are looking for companies willing to pay for them. As long as California is concerned, we’ve got staffing under great control. That’s probably why we are in the habit of assisting from start to finish.

If you have questions you mean to ask, do give us a call. Our phone number is (323) 949-4904. You can also shoot us a mail via our official mailbox: [email protected].

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